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S E D A L I A    V I S U A L    A R T    A S S O C I A T I O N
Artist Jerry Ricker, native born of St.Clair County Missouri, 1944, comes to us as a recent retiree, (2009), from Tucson, Arizona.  He currently makes his home south of California, Missouri.

His first love and hobby is painting and uses primarily oil and/or acrylic mediums, and attempts to capture any subject matter from the beauty of nature’s landscapes, animals, flowers, or a try at a portrait, or seascape, generally, on canvas.

All paintings are original with some deep meaning from the artist in an attempt to have the be-holder identify with the theme deep in the painting.  Unknowingly, when Jerry paints clouds and rock formations, faces, skulls, and sometimes, animals, appear. 

Jerry is also a professional actor and TV host, now hosting two TV shows dealing with the “arts.” You may view interviews with Missouri artists and artists from other states or countries on You Tube: JCTVAccess Spotlight on the Arts or JCTVAccess Mid-Missouri Art News. You may also view under his professional name of Rick Jey…You Tube: Rick Jey.

He invites you to enjoy his work and attempt to share his ideas on canvas.

Jerry greatly appreciates your feedback and input.

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Navajo...the Good Shepherd   $2300
Indian Prayer...Give Us Strength II $3000
Princess and the Koi     $2500

The Rapids
Bennet Springs $2500

Indian Prayer... Give Us Strength
For more information email Jerry at hoppers444@gmail.com