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S E D A L I A    V I S U A L    A R T    A S S O C I A T I O N

I am my happiest when I am doing, planning or talking about art. I began my art career by getting certified as a "Bob Ross Instructor"in May 1992. I even Mastered the technique in a special seminar. I also did several years of 30-minute demos for the Missouri State Fair.

I began setting up workshops with various artists around the country to learn other techniques. Among them I painted portraits, flowers, animals and landscapes. In 1995 I began taking art classes at Lincoln University and eventually switched over to State Fair Community College. I had five years of art classes which included painting, drawing, ceramics, fibers, watercolor, printmaking, theory and design and art history. You never learn it all.

I enjoy teaching "Painting in a Day" most because it is a wonderful feeling to be able to instruct someone with little or no experience and have them complete a painting in just one day. It's wonderful for them to find that they too, with some instruction, can complete a painting in such a short time.

I am a member of Jefferson City Art Club, Capital Arts, Sedalia Visual Art Association and Best of Missouri Hands. I served on the board of Jefferson City Art Club, Capital Arts, best of Missouri Hands and California Chamber of Commerce. I owned and ran my own studio in California, Missouri, until my husband retired and we moved back to Jefferson City.

~~Janis Burgin

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