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S E D A L I A    V I S U A L    A R T    A S S O C I A T I O N

Never a spectator, Bill’s life has always been one of a participant in creative and physical ways. Thanks to his mother, it all began when he was very young. She would often shut off the Saturday morning cartoons and encourage Bill and his sister to design their own exotic worlds from colorful modeling clay. Bill’s father and his best friend were visually impaired but undertook and completed many challenging projects. Bill honed his observation and listening skills quickly. Soon he was welcomed to assist in projects uncommon for his age.

From Bill’s early teens into his mid 30’s employment veered from the industrial arts into sales and management, then back to the arts several times. From age 35 to 45 all of his skills and experiences were harnessed as an Arizona landscape designer and construction contractor. Bill enjoyed working with the contrast and textures of the desert. After a five year hiatus he decided to focus on wood or metal accents that could be used in landscapes, eventually concentrating on the large steel botanical subjects seen here and on his website. Bill’s work evolved and is now refined enough to be chosen equally by his patrons for the interior in its present condition or placed outdoors and allowed to patina.

His designs are developed by studying photographs, specimens and illustrations. Individual parts of each sculpture are plasma cut from a 4 x 8’ sheet of steel and prepared. Without heat, Bill shrinks, stretches and pushes the steel free hand with many unique hand and motorized tools to the desired form. Everything is welded together along with solid or tubular stems to compose the final work. He employs no interns, assistants or subcontractors. It is Bill’s exclusive pleasure to create and present his work to you.


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Super Lilies
Informal Dahlia

Cahaba Lilies

Cactus Dahlia
More of his work can be seen at www.oak-n-iron.com. Bill’s email address is ferrousbotanist@gmx.com