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S E D A L I A    V I S U A L    A R T    A S S O C I A T I O N

Rebecca studied Art Education at Hard Work University, the School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri. In 1979, she was awarded "Most Promising Art Student" Cash Award.
Rebecca worked as Herb Thompson's assistant curator of exhibits for the Ralph Foster Museum. While there, she painted two murals as backgrounds for the archery exhibits on the second floor.  
After Rebecca's ten week orientation to teaching, she found that 42 middle grade schoolers were not very committed to making art, and not awfully impressed with her obvious youth and lack of stature. She realized that she loved kids but, just one at a time.
Rebecca then tried working as a radio DJ, working in an electronics store, waiting tables, and finally went back to school to become a Respiratory Therapist. She worked at Bothwell Regional Health Center for 24 years as a therapist and technician and later as Durable Medical Equipment Supervisor.  
In the meantime, Rebecca kept painting and making art. When forced to retire due to a neuro-muscular disorder that affected her balance and sometimes caused her to fall, she began to paint in earnest. Since 2009, she has painted over 50 portraits, as well as other works, some of which are a bit political. Although, she has given away many of her paintings, she has also sold several of her works.
Rebecca works primarily in acrylic. She says she is still trying to live up to the "Promise" they saw in her at School of the Ozarks.

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For more information Rebecca’s email address is rlking@iland.net